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Take a Deep Breath

The day after the rain

Makes me think of Toronto

Fresh and humid

Promise of wonders

Fueled by coffee

Every morning setting out

With my guitar on my back


But it's not Toronto

It's Calgary


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BV's Blog - June 30, 2021: Summer's Here

"Summer's here, I'm for that! Got my rubber sandals, got my straw hat!  It's my favourite time of the year and I'm glad that it's here, yeah!" 

Thus sang James Taylor in his song "Summer's Here".  I've always liked that…

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Why Write?

Why write indeed?  I've been writing songs for a little over fifty years.  I started when I was in Grade Six with my first band.  We were called the First Million Megaton Explosion, a title that I stole from a…

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BV's Blog - September 26, 2020

These days I've been hit with the double whammy of COVID isolation and recuperating from heart surgery (see my previous blog post).  It has left me with time to indulge my love of Star Trek (Sci-Fi Channel:  Classic Trek) and…

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