1. Still in Love

From the recording Still in Love

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Still in Love

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A punchy little rocker with Hammond B4 and electric guitars, all about still being loved after all these years.


Still in Love

I've got two left feet, snore in my sleep
My eyes have luggage and I'm white as a sheet
I can't fight my way out of a paper bag
Don't know which end of myself to drag
She's still in love
She's still in love
still in love with me

I've got knobby knees and lips that bleed
My wit is dry from the books I read
Her mind is still sharp as a tack
Makes up for everything else I lack
And she's still in love
Still in love
Still in love with me (x2)

Don't know which way is right or wrong
Take a look at who's singing this song!

I like the wind in the trees and the tossing seas
I like to sit outside and watch the birds and the bees
I like the way she cocks her hip
And winks her eye just a little bit
She brings me bacon makes me sigh
Butters my bread and bats her eye
She brings me soup, makes me toast
She's the one who loves me the most

And she's still in love
Still in love
Still in love with (x2)

Brian Volke, SOCAN, Copyright 2021