BV's Blog, October 10, 2022: Artists Who Make Music, Musicians Who Make Art

I am one of those people who makes music and also makes art. All my life I have done both and in fact both have been inextricably linked for me.  At the age of about 10 I began drawing album covers for imaginary bands (See my previous blogs regarding Bob Calls).  As a teenager I began drawing comic books and had at one time wished to become a professional comic-book artist.  That did not turn out but I eventually did graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Art from the University of Regina. I majored in painting and have been happily engaged in this activity ever since.

Rewinding to my early teens, I was also writing and recording songs with my cousin Ken.  We collaborated on not only performing the songs but creating album covers for our "albums".  We even had our own "record" company:  Pare Records which featured a pear shaped logo suspiciously similar to the Apple Records logo.  Coincidence?  Of course!

I used to feel there was no separation between the two: You draw. You write. You paint. You play guitar. You sing.  All in a day's work. 

I am by no means alone in this endeavor.  All my rock and roll heroes seemed to start out in Art School.  John Lennon, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton. Charley Watts was a graphic designer.  Ron Wood is a celebrated portrait painter.  Paul McCartney paints. David Bowie painted. Here in Alberta,Vulcan's own Steve Coffey of Steve Coffey and the Lokels fame is a painter and a singer/songwriter.

The boundaries become blurred.  I think it's great!  Don't you?

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