BV's Blog: Saturday, January 28, 2023 - Der Zimmer Meister

As part of being an elementary (K-6) music teacher in Calgary, I showcase a different composer each month. So far it's been the Great Old Dead Guys:  Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven. You know, the Biggies! In January, I decided to highlight John Williams, for several reasons:  he's still alive, my students recognize his music (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, etc.), and of course, he's very good. He's written wonderful music that perfectly suits and enhances the movies to which they belong.

Then one day, one of my teaching colleagues came into the music room and asked, "John Williams or Hans Zimmer, which do you prefer?" He clearly preferred Zimmer to which I wholehearted agreed. I am for Hans all the way!  So much so that Zimmer is going to be my composer of the month for February.

So, for the last two days I have been immersing myself in Zimmer's music.

Having watched Interstellar numerous times, I had already cast my vote for the most beautiful, the most heart-wrenching, the most haunting and the most spiritual soundtrack I have ever heard. I've always felt that the Interstellar soundtrack is another character in the movie itself. With only a few notes, Zimmer creates space (no pun intended) and then proceeds, through rhythm, to fill up that space with tension and emotion. I dare anyone to watch Interstellar with the sound off.  It is still a fantastic movie that tells a wonderful story, but without the music, well.....just try it and see what happens.

Hans Zimmer does the same thing with his other soundtracks:  Dune, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Dark Knight and his adaptation of the Lion King. And best of all, when he performs his music live, he brings along an amazing band and orchestra. Rather than conducting, he fronts the band by playing keyboards and guitar. Amazing! Inspiring! Check him out.

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