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April 23, 2021

It all started It with one song.....just one song! 

Here we are, ten songs later with my new album, “Acres of Chrome”. This is the album I’ve always wanted to make. Many thanks go out to John Thiel and the fabulous musicians who played on the album. The songs themselves range from autobio- graphic (How Not to Die Rag) to made up stories about people I have observed (In the Mercury). I call this music “Folkafunkarockabilly”. Check it out. 

The release date is June 21, 2021. I’m giving you a chance to get in on the ground floor! If you pre-order, this is what you get:


1. $20 includes a signed CD with shipping and handling.

2. $40 includes a signed CD and art print of the cover painting.

3. $60 includes a signed CD, art print and mug.

4. $80 includes a signed CD, art print, mug and t-shirt.

5. $100 includes all of the above PLUS I will write you a song with a subject of your choice. How can you pay me? The easiest way is to send an e-transfer to: tirnanog76@hotmail.com.

Barring that I will accept cheques and even good old cash!

You can also use the following link to fill out a form and send it to me!



April 22, 2021

Hi Everyone!  The new album, to be titled "Acres of Chrome" is due to be released on June 21, 2021!  It's so exciting! Presently a team of highly skilled workers are putting their precision touch to work and I will be able to take position of the bright, shiny new disks.  I offering Pre-Order Packages that range from $20 for a single CD to $100 for a package of a CD, an art print, a t-shirt, mug and a song written especially for you!  Check it out!




November 4, 2020

Brian to Record New Album........

......in fact, Brian has been recording songs for a new album for the last three (or is it four?) years. Why has it been taking so long?  For Brian recording an album is a bit like renovating a house.  Work starts and stops depending on the availability of funds.  

The project, entitled "Acres of Chrome" has so far been self-financed with eight songs in the can.  The goal is to record two more to make it an even ten, or three more to make it an even eleven!

Song themes range from childhood memories (Acres of Chrome), observations of interesting characters (Last Meal at the Lido, Rockin' On Queen, In the Mercury and Heidi) , wry observations of life ((Just Want to) Drop Dead) and an homage to Johnny Cash (J.R. Cash).  Some of these can be found on the website:  Heidi, JR Cash and Drop Dead.  Others can be found on BandCamp.  Check them out.

If you would like to begin the pre-ordering process, contact Brian at Contact.

On another note, BV's Blog mentions some artwork done by Brian at age eleven.  Check out the latest BV's Blog.  Also check out Photos:  Music and Art to see the actual piece.

See you next time!

September 10, 2020
BV's Blog
A lot has been going on since my last blog entry.  I had open-heart surgery and my dad passed away, all in the space of about a week.  I have been overwhelmed by all the support people have given me and will be forever grateful.  These days I am spending my time recuperating.  This includes napping, walking, eating, and playing a bit of guitar.  I was worried that the location of the surgery, ie. my sternum, would make it difficult to play but it doesn't hurt so I play.  Singing tires me out.
During my morning walk today I got to thinking about my earliest musical influence. The earliest concert I ever went to was when my dad took me to see Johnny Cash in the old Exhibition Auditorium in Regina.  I was very young and all I remember is seeing this man up on stage far away.  But we had the records!  In those days, 78s, which meant that the records spun around at 78 RPMs.  I Walk the Line, Get Rhythm, Big River - classics!  I loved them and at a young age, I learned how to operate the stereo.  We didn't just have a record player. Ours had a big wooden cabinet with an AM FM radio and a four-speed record changer.  It had big speakers and great sound.  I loved it.  I even wrote a song called "Dad's Old Records".